An examination and understanding of the commercialization of sexuality

The research was sparked by the enactment of Public Lawwhich increased the emphasis in commercialization as a basis for contract award and required a business plan to demonstrate commercial potential and third-party funding commitments. Five SBIR participants in the acquisition of Air Force research and developments innovation, were investigated through case-study methodology.

An examination and understanding of the commercialization of sexuality

From the Frying Pan into the Fire An advertisement for Quaker Oats cereal in an issue of Working Mother magazine provides a small window on the interplay between consumption and the application of the idea of efficiency to private time in modern America.

Beneath the image, we read: With Instant Quaker Oatmeal, I can give him a terrific hot breakfast in just 90 seconds. And I don't have to spend any time coaxing him to eat it! Music teacher, Favorite Flavor: In this ordinary moment, Sherry Greenberg is living according to a closely scheduled, rapidly paced "adult" time, while Nicky is living according to a more dawdling, slowly paced "child" time.

So the mother faces a dilemma. To meet her work deadline, she must get Nicky on "adult" time. But to be a good mother it is desirable to give her child a hot breakfast—"hot" being associated with devotion and love.

To cook the hot breakfast, though, Sherry needs time. The ad suggests that it is the cereal itself that solves the problem.

It conveys love because it is hot, but it permits efficiency because it's quickly made. The cereal would seem to reconcile an image of American motherhood of the s with the female work role of and beyond.

The cereal also allows Sherry to avoid the unpleasant task of struggling with her child over scarce time. In the ad, Nicky's slow pace is implicitly attributed to his character "Nicky is a very picky eater" and not to the fact that he is being harnessed to an accelerating pace of adult work time or protesting an adult speed-up by staging a "slowdown.

Attached to the culture of time shown in the ad is a key but hidden social logic.

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This modern working mother is portrayed as resembling Frederick Taylor, the famed efficiency expert of modern industry. The principle of efficiency is not located, here, at work in the person of the owner, the foreman, or the worker. It is located in the worker-as-mother.

We do not see a boss pressing the worker for more efficiency at the office. Instead, we see a mother pressing her son to eat more efficiently at home.

This efficiency-seeking is transferred from man to woman, from workplace to home, and from adult to child. Nicky becomes his own task master, quickly gobbling his breakfast himself because it is so delicious. Frederick Taylor has leapt the fence from factory to home, adult to child, and jumped, it seems, into the cereal box itself.

Frederick Taylor has become a commodity. Thus, the market reinforces the idea of efficiency twice—once at a locus of production, where the worker is pressed to work efficiently, and again, as a supplier of consumer goods, where it promises to deliver the very efficiency it also demands. Quaker Oats cereal may be a paradigm for a growing variety of goods and services—frozen dinners, computer shopping services, cell phones,2 and the like—that claim to save time for busy working parents.

They often save time at home. But the ethic of "saving time" raises the question of what we want to save time for. The picture doesn't challenge our idea of the primacy, even sacredness, of Nicky's home.

So we don't much notice the sly insinuation of Frederick Taylor into the scene.

An examination and understanding of the commercialization of sexuality

Conventional versus Unconventional Wisdom If, through modern Western eyes, the Greenbergs of this ad were a normal family, we could imagine them feeling that family life superseded all other aspects of life. That is, according to modern conventional wisdom, a happy family life is an end in itself.

An examination and understanding of the commercialization of sexuality

Earning and spending money are the means for achieving this end. Home and community are primary; workplace and mall are secondary.obscure the search for understanding about sexuality.

In order to lend scientific credibility to their materials, the sexual information media use the trappings of social science and psychiatry without the substance.

DTIC ADA Commercialization and the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR): An Examination of the Impacts of Commercialization on the Small Businesses' Ability to Provide Research and Development Innovation to the Department of Defense.

This chapter is concerned with the dynamics of the commercialization of sex itself, and how this reflects the larger sociopolitical order. Prostitution is only the most dramatic aspect of a sex industry, which is increasingly interrelated with the global economy.

• Understanding culture as the distinguishing phenomenon of human life, and the relationship of human biology and evolution. • Awareness of human diversity and the ways humans have categorized diversity.

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It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. If other scholars can extend the frame of analysis to include sustained discussions of casual prostitution and streetwalking as well as to include examinations of sexual and gender relations that are informed by class, race, and ethnic perspectives, our understanding of sexuality and prostitution in the nineteenth-century city will be remarkably complete and sophisticated.

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