An experience on a helicopter trip over florence and normandie in sound central los angeles

It was sailing over the Grapevine at up to 75 miles an hour, trailed by a caravan of California Highway Patrol black and whites. He had live feed.

An experience on a helicopter trip over florence and normandie in sound central los angeles

The organization was founded by former gang member Alfred Lomas in — he personally leads every 3 hour tour. Today its inspirational and touching to see rival gang leaders on the same bus together truly enjoying each others company.

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You start your tour at the Dream Center just north of downtown off of the freeway. Almost around the corner from the Dream Center is the old Rampart Police Station — now eerily empty and looking like a relic of an earlier era.

This was the scene to one of the largest police corruption scandals in US history. Over 70 officers were implicated in cover-ups, framing suspects, stealing etc and some had gang ties to South Central.

Did you know there is a Federal Penitentiary right in downtown Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center — the harshness of this building and what goes on inside provides a grating contrast to the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the events held there, located mere minutes away.

One of the more notorious individuals, Al Capone was housed here. Bank robberies, drug deals gone bad, murders you name it -its all here.

I rant. You read.

All the guides have too many stories of when they were here. This is about a mile from City Hall and maybe 7 or 8 miles from Beverly Hills. Tour leaders in front of Graffiti wall I had been to the Watts Towers before but never with former gang members.

The former gang members are the ones who have lived this history and as a result bring the stories to life. While here a ghetto bird gang speak for helicopter kept buzzing us — probably wondering why a group of people were wondering around Watts. The corner of Florence and Normandie in the heart of Watts is where the riots started.

You will see the building that served as the command center during this time for the National Guard. Other stops include a housing project, the birthplace of the Black Panther Party and streets and areas that played vital roles for a number of gangs including the East Coast Crips 59Grape St.

Each guide will offer personal insights into their own lives, the gang culture as well as how they reformed — they will offer their stories and answer questions — this is one of the highlights of the tour. Part of the tour includes a lesson in graffiti. The Los Angeles River is ground central in Los Angeles for graffiti — located just south of downtown.

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The bus makes a stop here. Strip after strip of grey paint cover graffiti, a never ending and financially costly battle between street artists and the city of Los Angeles. When you stand solitary on North Main Street next to the railroad tracks above the Los Angeles River all you feel is a deep sadness as you look down on a river that has been dramatically altered in a relatively short amount of time.

You look down on a dirty river that now flows dark, a concrete river juxtaposed with brightly colored graffiti where those entrapped by the city, drugs, gangs and poverty territorially cry out with their markings.

Electrical lines, bridges, rubble and old fences all decorate the banks of what was originally the lifeblood of Los Angeles. If you do not happen to be on North Main Street, any of a number of bridges in this area will afford one the same views.

Close your eyes and think back years to a time when this actually was a natural river, with trees and grass growing along its banks. The Pico Union Graff Lab: Wall after wall of colorful graffiti has been tagged by some very talented street artists.

An experience on a helicopter trip over florence and normandie in sound central los angeles

Today they offer transportation for a variety of LA tour companies, cities, local organizations as well as charter services. Good things are slowly happening in South Los Angeles; like anything it takes time, awareness and money.

Guys like Scorpio and Melvin Johnson continue to work hard with young residents to break the cycle of violence. Scorpio teaches high school students and works on other outreach projects. On a clear day from Watts you can actually see the San Gabriel mountains rising above downtown and when you have a glimpse of nature from an urban place that has experienced so much pain, there is always hope.A reserve an analysis of the phoenix symbol in fahrenheit by ray bradbury currency (or anchor currency) is a currency that is held in significant quantities by governments and institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves.

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Los Angeles Gang Tours in Watts, Compton and South Central