Best portable projector for business presentations

Which features make a projector easy to use?

Best portable projector for business presentations

TechRadar's picks for your next projector Shares Which is the best projector for you? Buying the best business projector — rather than simply settling for an average business projector — is extremely important if you regularly need to make presentations in your line of work.

Finding the best projector for your business will help your presentations and meetings really pop, making them more engaging, interactive and professional — rather than an exercise in embarrassment and squinting. As well as listing the best business projectors, we also have our very own price comparison tool that will help you find the best prices as well.

Unfortunately, plenty of offices often cheap out in when buying business projectors, or don't put in enough research, which leads to headaches for years to come.

best portable projector for business presentations

Don't make this mistakes: So small, that you wonder what use case demands it be that small, aside from it being able to easily fit into a your briefcase, or even a jacket pocket. Philips has created a projector so small it could be used to surprise unsuspecting co-workers who were blissfully unaware that a meeting was in their future.

Selling for an affordable price, it features an easy setup and is able to project content only drawing power via USB. Unlike Philips older PicoPix mini projectors some of which have appeared on this very listthe Philips PicoPix PPX has a lumens brighness, which means it doesn't have to be used in pitch black conditions to see, though it's still not as bright as full-size projectors.

For that, we can recommend the Epson EB-S Weighing in at 2. Not only is it easy to move around with, it's extremely easy to use, so much so that booting and choosing your input source only took a mere 34 seconds in our testing.

This is all with an intensely strong lamp, which maxes out at lumens. It is ideal for those who need a simple, portable projector for anything except for streaming video — we experienced quality issues there, with output being either grainy or stuttering.

So it's not the best projector for watching films on, but as a business projector, it's excellent. While its x SVGA resolution falls short of full HD, it's enough to display vibrant images, reports and spreadsheets on a wall or projection screen. It's got plenty of inputs, is easy to use, and is nice and bright as well.

This makes it more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to runwhile also prolonging the life of the bulb. Optoma MLe The brightest, nicest and best connected palm projector yet Projection system: It weighs in at an ultraportable g with a small footprint that makes this easy to carry around.

Best Mini Projectors - Small, Portable Projector Reviews

The differences in size between this and the PicoPix are negligible for the power you get in return: And in another moment that felt anachronistic, there is no way to work with the projector via a smartphone or tablet. Epson has an excellent reputation with business projectors, and it has brought much of its expertise to the EB-SBuying the best business projector – rather than simply settling for an average business projector – is extremely important if you regularly need to make presentations in your line of work.

It is the absolute smallest portable projector we tested, so if you need an ultralight, compact projector in a pinch, you might check it out. Due to reader request, we tested the DBPower T20, a frequent Amazon best-seller in video projectors and accessories.

best portable projector for business presentations

Portable Business Projectors These lightweight, portable projectors are excellent choices for businesses, traveling presenters, or any application where portable projection is required.

We define portable on this page as less than 7lbs and under 11 inches wide.

TechRadar's picks for your next projector

If you're a small-to-medium-sized business, and need a projector for holding presentations in small rooms, then the ViewSonic PAS is a brilliant choice. Though it doesn’t have the best image quality and is missing certain features, it’s a decent projector for light use.

a mini projector is much more portable than the larger dedicated units you see in a home theatre. The inclusion of a battery on many small projectors makes them extra portable.

but business users benefit from. The 11 Best Mini Projectors to Buy in Watch movies and give presentations with these portable mini projectors.

Share This makes it a great projector for business and gaming alike. Elephas Lumens LED Mini Portable Projector (Best Budget) Buy on Amazon What we like. Easy to set up. Affordable.

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