Economics business plan project worksheet

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Economics business plan project worksheet

About This Unit Overview Students are actively involved in a year-long study of economics where they earn credits and debits while maintaining a class bank and store.

Chapter 2 - Competitive markets: demand and supply (Unit 1)

The unit is cross-curricular: The students' potential to earn credits and debits incentive! While economics is considered part of the elementary social studies curriculum, textbooks and other social studies programs often neglect to incorporate economic instruction.

The classroom economy can fill this void while serving as a fun way for students to act as both consumers and economists in a real world setting.

Objective Participate in a classroom economy designed to mimic real world economic activity Compare economic systems over time and history Evaluate the importance of classroom jobs and daily responsibilities Perform classroom jobs to earn daily salaries Budget their money and balance their "checking accounts" Use a decision making model to make consumer decisions Reflect on the importance of saving money Discover that every decision has an opportunity cost Observe consumer behavior to understand the law of demand Discover how inflation works and the effect it can have on the classroom economy Study economic trends in the classroom economy Supporting Books Books for Teaching Economic Concepts Culminating Activity By the end of the year, students have learned diverse economic concepts while participating in an economy that mimics activity in the real world.

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They have become responsible and well-informed consumers who make good decisions and are familiar with typical consumer behavior. You may decide that they are now ready to become entrepreneurs. During the last month of school, I allow students to sell goods they have created themselves.

Students can choose what to make and sell in the class store. They need to determine an appropriate price based on the amount of money classmates are willing to pay.

John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson

Students can also market their products by creating advertisements on poster board or even filming commercials. Featured Lesson Plan Students will learn how the economy works in the classroom. They will also define classroom jobs and attach daily salaries to those positions.

Credits and debits will be introduced.Majors at Mason Below is an alphabetical listing of major requirements by major. These forms provide course requirements for each major offered at George Mason. Business administration training, best business practice and entrepreneurial training helping you to create a professional presence and secure high profile jobs.

Introduction to Business / Spring / Leimkuehler / Solon High School 3 of 9 Promotion Produce an attractive package for your cereal which supports your overall marketing strategy.

economics business plan project worksheet

Our state test also includes economics for our 5th grade social studies test. I found a wonderful book called play dough economics. I think their website is Not positive, but it is the national council on economic education.

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal Maria I. - Ideas for Teachers - Scarcity, Choice and Decisions

Marshall Department of Agricultural Economics Purdue University Aaron Johnson provided a worksheet to help you capture the agency’s goals and objectives, and determine how your proposal fits them (Agency’s Goals worksheet, p.


economics business plan project worksheet

ACTIVITY1, CONTINUED TYPES OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS Franchise A franchise is actually a hybrid, and can take the form of a sole proprietorship, partnership or .

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