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In my last blog post we talked about the 10, hour theoryin that to become an expert or professional in any field it takes 20 hours practice time per week. Simple theory but crazy how many people miss this at such a young age! Well before I talk about improving the technical ability of kids I want to make a simple statement. Then we have the IFA run mini leagues that encourage small sided games which in theory is great but again, unfortunately, they get it completely wrong in my opinion.

Hcl mis project

Continuing on with the career aspect of studying abroad, lets shift focus on what happens after you finish your masters degree. There are three options here for you to consider- Get a job, and work for which you will need a work visa H1B in the US.

Continue on with your studies and get a higher degree a Phd. Option 4 — Marry American Citizen Hcl mis project, lets dig deeper into each of these options one by one. PhD — This is Hcl mis project move for people who want a career in research Pack Your Bags — This is like the most feared option for most people studying abroad.

The prospect of returning to your home country with a possibility of a huge student debt sounds like the big fat American dream went bust! Finding a Job After Masters Lets start with getting a job. As aforementioned in the previous post, most of my writing will be US specific.

But it ought to hold good for most other western countries and their economies. To start with, lets get a little perspective on this whole H1-B visa.

Getting a job is what most Indians really go to the US to study for. That mouth watering dollar salary with an extra topping of the dollar-rupee conversion rate is what drives a lot of people to take insanely high student loans and invest so much time and money into this whole exercise.

Then, there was no sham of a masters degree. It was a no nonsense, get to the point direct route. You wanted a better life in America, you directly applied for a work visa.

PostIndians started taking another route to the US. Go as a student and then after studying change your status from student to work.

It was a genius plan and it did work for some time. Anyway, enough of perspective. Now to get to the point I know its about time! You see, unlike the student visa, the applicants themselves cant apply for a work visa directly. The employer needs to apply on their behalf.

Hcl mis project

So unless you can deal with all that, go figure! Most companies who hire in job fairs, hire only US citizens or green card holders. International students need to entirely depend on references from their professors or rely on professional networking to get a job, or even an internship.

But that ironically can lead to your downfall. The OPT program, after you finish your studies, offers you a 3 month window to search for a job. If you cant, then you simply pack up and leave.

Its insanely hard to expect to bag a job in that much time unless you have an equally insane amount of contacts in the industry.

Most people combat this by getting an internship during summers which again depends on your contacts and references and try and bag a job in the same company or delay their graduation to borrow more time. Basically, by the final semester of your course, if you came to the US to look for a job and you want to pay off your huge student loans, you my friend, have got a hell of a lot on your plate and you need to be either an extremely bright student or need to be exceptionally street smart or you might find yourself in a big mess.

Bigger than what you bargained for.

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Consultancy Jobs Some students in their desperation also end up at job consultancies which only really offer a lot of IT contract based jobs. That means the whole point of you going abroad to pursue a career in your area of interest, assuming its not IT, is defeated.

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