The men master thesis tourismus schweiz

Indigenous technology stands for the non-documented practice accompanied by culture and hence is transferred to the pedigree through the participatory milieu. The indigenous technology of water management has been dealt with the research carried out in field and getting information through key informant. The scientific aspects have been formulated by juxtaposing the traditional features along with the modern approaches of water management, quality, and dynamics.

The men master thesis tourismus schweiz

Nepalese legal regime addressing current or prospective modus operandi of the men master thesis tourismus schweiz 5. Substantive Legal Regime 5. Tobias Mahler PhD who, irrespective of his professional engagements agreed to supervise my thesis.

I highly appreciate the beneficial comments he made on my thesis and thank him for his patience with me. The paper would not have completed without his support and assistance.

This thesis would not have been completed without motivation and assistance of my parents and family members. I am also very gratified to Ms. Pooja Khatri for lending a hand in every thick and thin and incessantly motivating me during my entire work.

I am also indebted to my colleagues Mr. Barun Ghimire and Mr. Bikash Thapa and Mr.

the men master thesis tourismus schweiz

Neetij Rai for providing the assistance in completing my dissertation. Upendrakanta Aryal for his openness in providing data of Nepal police for educational purpose.

I genuinely appreciate the assistance done by Norwegian State Education Loan Fund for providing my all economic support for writing the dissertation. If you can sit in a kitchen in St. Petersburg, Russia, and steal from a bank in New York, you understand the dimensions of the problem.

Attorney General Janet Reno Computers and the Internet has now become backbone for virtually all facets of modern life, from personal communications and finance to the processing and management of electrical grids and power plants are being dependent with computer and internet.

Although the growth of technology in present era has resulted in flaunt of commercial growth, thriving economies and spread of democracy, on the other hand it has also resulted in increment of cost. One such cost that we now face is a new twist on traditional crime — cybercrime.

The crime of fraud or defamation or forgery that used to be committed traditionally by use of paper or verbal way have now turned to be committed in social networking or e-commerce.

These crimes have been occurring since the creation of the internet and technology. If there is information to be shared, there is information to be sabotaged. The challenge is countered by every online individual, company or organization across the globe.

The incidence of cybercrime in Nepal is directly proportional to the level of progress made in Nepal in information technology.

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The internet users in Nepal have been rampantly increased. As per the data provided by International Monetary Fund, there were 50, internet users in Nepal in which has increased to 2, in As discussed in later chapter of this thesis, newspaper reports, police reports, the database of the police, judicial decisions and data from scholars' articles support the fact that Nepal has been evidenced as a hub for increasing cybercrime in recent days.

The media almost daily reports cases regarding cybercrime in Nepal, which however is not same when researcher examines the report of courts and police, which means that the instances of cybercrime are either unreported or the perpetrator is not invoked with offence.

The thesis aims to address the issue of instances of cybercrime being unreported or not being invoked. Thus this thesis broadly intends to highlight the present modus operandi of instances of cybercrime and evaluate whether or not the existing substantive laws of Nepal have been able to address the growing new pattern of commission of crime.

While evaluating the laws, the thesis also examines the Nepalese legal system in light of the standard set forth by European Convention on Cybercrime[14].

Research Questions Broadly, the thesis aims to resolve two research questions. Firstly, whether or not the legal regime of cybercrime in Nepal has been able to address current or prospective modus operandi of cyber related crime?

And secondly, whether Nepalese legal regime related to cybercrime is in line with the standards set forth in Convention on Cybercrime, for addressing the cybercrime? Methodology The dissertation is substantially based on secondary resources such as scholar's article, books, and data from police, annual report of court and informal unstructured discussion with personnel from relevant authorities.

Furthermore, the thesis has undertaken empirical study of cases and reports along with unstructured interview with relevant officials using random purposive sampling.

After observation of secondary sources, unstructured interview, the paper has used primary sources such as treaties and laws to make a analytical study where the findings has been analyzed and conclusion has been drawn.

Technocrats are well affirmed with the threat of cybercrime so are constantly working to develop new technology so as to prevent cybercrime, i. It is difficult to identify the culprit, as the net can be a vicious web of deceit and can be accessed from any part of the globe.

For these reasons, cybercrimes are considered as "white-collar crimes". The rate of return on cybercrime favors the criminal; the incentive is to steal more.

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Cybercrime, therefore, has an international aspect that creates many difficulties for nations that may wish to halt it or simply mitigate its effects.Islam and democracy essay quotations dissertationen datenbank schweiz tourismus oucom research papers us synthetic essay university of wisconsin madison essay gregor czisch dissertation meaning richard hansen dissertation oxford university essay on mother in punjabi language translatorStreetcar named desire stanley descriptive essay directeur floette lessayer essay on why i should receive iraq.

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the men master thesis tourismus schweiz

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