The use of descriptive language in the lady of shallot by alfred tennyson

The University of Iowa starting at "The Two Versions" conducted a thorough analysis of why Tennyson might have thought it necessary to make the changes he did. I'll give a rough summary, but many of the details are listed on that page.

The use of descriptive language in the lady of shallot by alfred tennyson

Below the stern they read her name, And what is here?

The Lady of Shalott – Alfred Tennyson | Narrative

And in the lighted palace near Died the sound of royal cheer; And they crossed themselves for fear, All the Knights at Camelot; But Lancelot mused a little space He said, "She has a lovely face; God in his mercy lend her grace, The Lady of Shalott.

Elaine's naive love for Lancelot was unrequited. She died of a broken heart i. Her dead body with suicide note between her hands was floated down the Thames to Camelot. Eventually Tennyson wrote a long poem about "Lancelot and Elaine".

It contains the line which I have found helpful, "He makes no friend who never made a foe. I met the story first in some italian novelle: Tennyson found the basic story in the Italian source, including the death-letter which he eliminated from the version.

But he made up the curse, the mirror, the song, and the weaving. Tennyson also explained, The Lady of Shalott is evidently the Elaine of the Morte d'Arthur, but I do not think that I had ever heard of the latter when I wrote the former. Shalott was a softer sound than "Scalott". Like many other famous poems, this one deals on one level about writing poetry.

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Tennyson's son Hallam quoted his father as saying it's about: The key to this tale of magic symbolism is of deep human significance and is to be found in the lines Or when the Moon was overhead, Came two young lovers lately wed; "I am half sick of shadows," said The Lady of Shalott.

The Kraken is a science-fiction sort of creature that will become conscious only moments before its spectacular death. The Lotus-Eaters are in a drug-haze. Tithonus is lost in extreme old age. Miriana and Oenone are poems about lonely women. If you know the story from Dante, you remember that Ulysses and all his crew drowned.

Here are some more interesting things to notice about "The Lady of Shalott": The key line, "I am half-sick of shadows", says the Lady's mind, and probably the poet's mind, is divided about the right choice.

Each of the four stanzas ends with somebody saying something. Otherwise nobody says anything. Most of the knights are riding as buddy pairs. Lancelot is riding alone.

He has no partner except his reflection in the river. The reflection in the river is in turn reflected in the mirror. The poem has been very popular among illustrators, perhaps for its suggestiveness.

Note Lance's lance in the one picture. The red-cross knight is the hero of the beginning of Spenser's "Faery Queene".

The use of descriptive language in the lady of shallot by alfred tennyson

Not everybody thinks that "Tirra lirra by the river" is a great line. But notice that "river" rhymes with "river", either because there is no other obvious rhyme, or because there is a reflection in the river.

Mirror doesn't really rhyme with river, but it sort of rhymes with tirra lirra. Lancelot prays that God will have mercy on the Lady.

At the time, Lancelot is the queen's illicit lover, and thus false to the king he loves. Eventually a contrite Lancelot became a man of God. Lancelot is the one who will receive mercy.Round about Shalott.


Later Version: On either side the river lie. Long fields of barley and of rye, That clothe the wold and meet the sky; And thro' the field the road runs by.

To many-tower'd Camelot; And up and down the people go, Gazing where the lilies blow. Round an . Alfred Tennysons poem The Lady of Shallot is no exception to the rule. From lines like blue unclouded weather and the gemmy bridle glitterd free, one can draw that descriptive language is Tennysons tool to revealing the underlying meaning (Griffith ).

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Alfred Tennyson (–) was poet laureate of the UK, famous for poems like “The Lady of Shalott,” “The Lotos Eaters,” and “Maud.” Christopher Nield is a poet living in London. The Lady of Shalott: See also Hallam Tennyson, Alfred Lord Tennyson: A Memoir, I, Study Questions, Activities, and Resources by James Sexton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International License, except where otherwise noted.

Share This Book. The Lady of Shalott (English, Paperback) Alfred Lord Tennyson, Genevieve Cote Tennyson's beautiful and enigmatic poem of unrequited love, set in Arthurian .

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